Saturday, December 03, 2005


Yes it is tough to do a 40 hour week. After about 4 shifts straight I am usually exhausted. After 10 shifts I can hardly put one foot in front of the other (I know, I know...just wait till I am working full time!!! - I think that will be a bit different for a couple of reasons..1. Shifts will not necessarily be 5 earlies in a row, or 5 lates in a row allowing for a bit of flexibility. 2. I probably wont be studying concurrently. 3. I will have permanent arrangements in place for the care of my kids 4. I will be able to afford good shoes!). It is really quite a juggle with the rest of our lives too. We usually have assignments to complete, exams to study for not to mention many of us have children and families to care for. Just organising getting the kids looked after before and after school is a challenge. I think I would rather do a couple of shifts a week but there is only 1 University in our state doing that at the moment as a trial so we will see what the future holds.


Jo said...

That's true,
I have to arrange childcare for the entire semester. There aren't too many trusted daycares or friends who will take kids at 6 am! Next semester I have a new dillema, nights! Our Clinicals will run until from 12- 8 pm one day a week. I have no idea who is going to pick up my daughter from school and watch her until i get home.
Chores are last priority for me,
Somebody come over and help me clean my house! lol

orange haired boy said...

Isn't 40 hours a standard work-week? I.e. full time?

Jo said...

Orange haired boy,
yeah, but a 40 hour week and not getting paid for it because it's for your education is a lot to ask.

Unimum209 said...

Orange haired boy: Further when I am doing my prac I don't have a choice as to how often I want to work. Whose to say that when I finish I won't choose to only work 75%? or 50% of full time? I have 2 small children so juggling continuous study, familiy commitments and a full time working week (unpaid) is not easy. Thats all I am saying!