Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Procrastinating, I must have an assignment due

Yep what better time to write in my blog than when I have an essay due!!! Yesterday instead of writing my essay I rearranged furniture in my house. Today I cleaned, cooked a nice pot of homemade soup, played with my son and got the heater out in preparation for the recent onset of cold weather. The topic is quite interesting - Maggot debridement therapy, the word limit is acheivable, yet still I am bored and cant seem to finish the damn thing off.

I still have mixed feelings about my final year at Uni. I am really starting to feel like a real nurse, and I actually feel like I could handle myself well in the workplace. I just have so much apprehension about getting the graduate position I want because I just cant imagine myself on a general ward for any length of time, I can honestly admit I dont have it in me!

The government has announced 1800 more nursing positions for our state, one of our lecturers assured us all yesterday that we would all be offered several positions. This really helped ease my concerns, I just wish I knew what was coming, the uncertainty is torture.

Well have to go pick up my kids from school and then I will force myself to get back to the essay.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post Practicum blues

I have just gone back to Uni after another two weeks full time on prac. I was lucky to get an Emergency Department Placement which was awesome. I loved it. The staff were wonderful (nearly all of them) and I felt useful and challenged and I felt rewarded for my time. Anyway it certainly cemented my desire to get into Emergency Nursing.

Next semester we will have 2 more 3 week pracs which will be interesting. I believe I will have to do a surgical placement and I am hoping that I will be able to organise another 3 weeks in an Emergency Department hopefully the hospital where I want my grad program. Anyway fingers crossed and wish me luck......

Back to Uni and everything feels like a shambles... This semester has been so disjointed and disorganised, 2 weeks school 2 weeks prac 2 weeks school, it has been really difficult to maintain momentum, stay focussed and be positive. The workload is crazy and everyone seems exhausted from trying to get assignments in when we are working fulltime on prac....

Anyway only 2.5 more weeks and we will be into exams then a break!!! I am looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring....