Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Final Preparations!!!

This final semester has just zoomed by. I feel guilty for not taking the time to put some of my thoughts down and keeping up with all the nursey blogs I love to read, I have been flat out, and really felt that I didnt have the clarity to get writing - funnily enough probably when I could have used the blogging the most!!!

Well what has happened so far this semester? I went to school for the first 2 weeks, then I had 3 weeks full time in a Medical ward of a local hospital. I chose the ward that my mentor was the Nurse Unit Manager of, so that I could combine my commitments to both my prac and my mentor program. The ward work was so-so. I learnt plenty and eventually the staff acknowledged our prescence but I have to say my heart wasn't in it. The ability to time manage has never been a problem, and I have always had confidence in my ability to link pathophysiology to clinical presentation so that was good practice, I just dont particularly enjoy knowing what is coming up around the corner, what to expect out of each day. Even when the unexpected crops up it just doesnt feel the same as in the ED!!

So after 3 weeks on the Medical wards it is back to Uni for 2 weeks. Finish off and hand in 2 assignments, work on 2 more and now it is back to the hospital system for 3 more weeks. Oh did I forget to mention that job applications also closed the week we went back to uni, so there is all the preparations for interviews, resume stuff and criteria to answer? Phew, it sure has been a hectic time.

I put my applications in and held my breath in anticipation. I heard from my first choice first who offered my an interview (I had it today) Then nothing...... After what seemed like an eternity I finally heard from my 2nd choice offering an interview for ED!! I was stoked as I was told my 2nd choice wouldnt be considered as I was aiming for such a popular specialty. Late last week I also heard from my 3rd choice. So last friday I went to my 2nd and 3rd choices for interviews which was really humbling and quite difficult. Complicating the matter is the fact that I have been battling a cold for several days now. The 3 choice interview went ok, then I was off to my 2nd choice. The interview seemed to go ok, but it is really hard to tell sometimes!

So I turn up to my first day of prac yesterday and nearly everyone seems to have job offers already. Eventhough nothing can be done officially many hospitals make 'unofficial' job offers to students so that they can start to think about and plan where they will accept. I was starting to get bummed, and doubting my ability to get any job, let alone a highly sought after job in the ED of one of the bigger hospitals!! Anyway my 2nd choice said they would let us know early this week. Lunchtime yesterday I had a message waiting - with anticipation getting the better of me I returned to call the the NUM and amazingly I had got the job!!! I was thrilled, at the same time I was a little sad as my 2 best friends who had also gone for those positions had not yet heard!

Today I had the interview for my 1st choice (reconsidering that now) and my 2 friends also got offered positions at the ED of my 2nd choice!!! we are all so excited, there were only 4 positions available and the 3 of us all got one, we are all thrilled!! It will be amazing to have the support of each other as we transition to registered nurses.

It is my birthday tomorrow and I cant think of a better present than to have been offered a job I have wanted for so long, and to be doing it with 2 of my best uni mates!!!

Well it is getting late now, and it will be an early start on prac tomorrow. Till next time.