Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's about time I updated my blog.....

Contrary to my desire to update my blog everyday it has been over a week since my last post. Apologies to anyone who has been checking for updates.

I have just returned from traveling interstate. I live in Brisbane and went to Canberra to visit a sick friend and catch up with my parents. Just to fill you in my friend had a stroke a couple of months ago and I wanted to visit to lend my support and to ease his transition home. My parents also live in Brisbane but my friend had just begun renovating his house (beautiful but dilapidated historical house) when he had his CVA, he was unable to return home from hospital till he had somewhere safe to live (used to be in a caravan onsite) so my parents went down there to finish his house for his return.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at Jim's progress. Having spent prac on a rehab ward dealing mostly with stroke patients I didn't hold out much hope of a good outcome. Jim's stroke was major hemorrhage but after an incredible amount of work he has regained much of his function, cognition and personality. Unfortunately he will be paralysed permanently on his left side. I spent much of my time focusing on positive outcomes, progress he has made and trying to encourage a healthy attitude to the future.

I am really tired now. The drive down is 1200kms took me 16 hours and I took my 7 year old along for the "holiday". She was amazing in the car. I did a lot of preparation for the trip and it certainly paid off, I never heard "Are we there yet" and I didn't resort to buying a portable DVD player!!! We had a lovely week to catch up and we left Thursday night at 7.00pm and arrived at 9.00am Friday morning. My Mum drove back with me for company and so she could tie up some loose ends. She is driving back to Christmas eve.

Because Mum will be away for Christmas we had an early celebration today which was lovely. I love to see kids open presents, it is so joyous. I have to say I am still recovering from my trip so I will have to call it quits now and up date again tomorrow (?). Will do my best. I have missed all my cyber friends so will do the rounds to you all in the next few days.


"It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow"

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Katie said...

I am glad your friend has regained so much function, and he is very lucky to have someone like you there encouraging him!