Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hospital Update

Maybe tomorrow!!!??? It seems like nearly every day the doctors say maybe tomorrow. We are hoping that our son has no more high temperatures in which case he should be able to go home "Most likely Monday (2nd) and at the earliest tomorrow". Yesterday our son had another high temp and diarrhoea which immediately extended his stay in hospital. My husband is there tonight and it is New Years Eve. We all had a lovely day as a family (looking at the situation positively) we spent a relaxing day together, got our favourite take aways and watched the fireworks from our prime position on the 7th floor of the hospital. The position was perfect, no too noisy but still a great view. My heart was aching for the children who were too sick to come out to the balcony and those who were brought out in their beds as thier condition didnt allow any alternatives. I am truly blessed to have so much to be grateful for and I hope that this coming year I appreciate all the gifts of my life each and every day.

The blood tests to rule out mycoplasma have again come back negative so today we got released from isolation which was a gift for my son who was getting a bit stir crazy and itching to be allowed to play and interact with the other children. This was a blessing in itself. The skin is still peeling from my sons hands and feet and today I took it upon myself to cut away the dead skin so that my son didnt peel it off causing pain to himself. There was still fluid on his lungs at his last chest x ray and I am hoping a repeat will be done before he is released. In any case we have already an appointment for 2 weeks for a repeat to make sure he is progressing. The stomach pain seemed to me to be a bit of a mystery, however I am assured that many many children who present in the hospital (even many with "surgical" conditions) with stomach pain, ends up being referred pain from pressure on the diaphragm caused by pneumonia. That is reassuring, and also on the improve.

So we may never know what microorganism is responsible for our sons pneumonia, but this really doesnt matter, so long as he continues to improve and we get to bring him home soon......Maybe tomorrow!!!!????

"A conclusion is the part where you got tired of thinking"

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Jo said...

OH My gosh!
I am NO doctor, First and foremost, but when you said his skin was peeling it raised a red flag. That sounds exactly like something we covered in pur pediatric lectures.
Ask your son's doctor about "Kawasaki disease" It's a self-limiting virus. In the acute phase(1st 10-14 days) there's fevers, rash, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy, diarrhea. In the Subacute phase, (10-25 days) There's irritability, anorexia, arthritis, Lip cracking , DESQUAMATION of the hands and feet,
Peri-endocarditis is a complication so MAKE SURE THEY RULE THAT OUT.
This is all straight from my lecture notes.
Hope he's better and home soon, keep us posted.