Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas in Hospital!

Again I have left it too long to update my blog. Although I really enjoy writing I have had such a hectic week I just haven't had the chance. As if the lead up to Christmas isn't bad enough I spent Christmas day/night and each day since in the Children's hospital with my son. On Friday (23rd) I got a call from the Childcare centre saying that my son had a 39.4oC temp. I went straight to pick him up. We battled Friday night and Saturday to control his temp, with little success. He had what looked like a heat rash (outside it has been hovering around 35oC for a couple of weeks) so I got the Dr's home visiting service to come and check him out Christmas Eve. The Dr said he was fine, just a virus, keep up the liquids and antipyretics. Sunday (Christmas Day) we visited the in Laws, my son hovered between sleeping on the couch and being relatively normal, a little unhappy but not too bad.

By Christmas Night he still wasn't happy, we were still battling the temperatures and he was wincing with severe stomach pain so we packed up and went to the Children's Hospital in the City. Not the closest hospital but one that specialised in Paeds so I felt comfortable with the decision. They took him straight into the ED and checked him out. The staff were amazing. They set him up for IV and gave him a dose of oral antibiotics and ran some blood work. We were able to go home for the night and went back in for the results and further IVAB's in the morning. The Dr was pretty sure it was Pneumonia but she wasnt sure about the rash so ordered more tests and we went home and back again in the afternoon. By the time I took him back in the afternoon he had stopped drinking so he was admitted. We have been there ever since.
I have to say the staff have been inspirational. They are simply marvelous. Our son is doing much better and only still there because he is still having high temperatures. The latest is he should be home tomorrow. Well I am off to fix some lunch and spend some time with our daughter before heading back into the hospital to take over from my husband. Hope you all had a wonderful festive season.

"I intend to live forever - so far, so good"

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Jo said...

Wow, I hope he gets better soon. What about the abdominal pain? Pneumonia doesn't fit with that. Dehydration?
My daughter was sick with the flu on Christmas, but not near as sick as yours.
He's in my thoughts.