Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On the home stretch - or is it the downward spiral?

With only 7 days till I start work I am getting both nervous and excited. It seems like forever since uni finished and even longer since I did any work in the hospitals. I have been catching up with all my friends this week and we all seem to be saying the same things and having the same feelings about starting and feeling unsure whether we are up to the challenge.

I guess it is normal to second guess yourself especially when you have got so much time on your hands. I keep telling myself, get started, be safe, be positive and it will all come back to you!!!

Well off to get the school supplies for the kids today as they start their new school the same day I start work.

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Katie said...

You will do great! I still feel scared everyday, but from what I've heard, having that fear keeps you safe, you won't get overconfident!! Let me know how things go!

P.S - I love the look of your site!