Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas, New years and getting ready to start work

Christmas and New years was awesome, and I was especially appreciative that I wasn't working (maybe for the last time in a couple of years) and that I could relax and enjoy my family. We moved house 2 weeks before Christmas which made this a particularly busy time of year for me, but looking back I am so happy to be settled and ready for new schools (for the kids) and close to my new work. We have spent the last 7 years in townhouses - due mainly to budgetary constraints, and now we are living in a fabulous 4 bedroom house with a separate family area for the children and we have adjusted beautifully.

Christmas was lovely - for the first time since moving to Brisbane we have had enough room to host Christmas for our family, and although some of my husbands siblings were out of town we had a lovely day, we did Breakfast (a fav of mine) then had a swim and a quiet afternoon. New years was very pleasant, we joined our family for a celebration and everyone (including the kids) lasted till midnight (just) and we had a quiet recovery day.

Monday this week (just about up to date now!) I went to work and picked up my uniforms (look remarkably like a tampon packet yuk!) got my payroll number and staff ID, and got my roster for the first couple of weeks, it is getting very exciting now, it is so close I can almost taste it!! Anyway just a few more weeks, time to get the kids ready for school, looking foward to covering all those books (NOT) and get into some sort of routine.

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Fat Doctor said...

Thanks for the link - will do the same at my site. Best wishes with your new career!