Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nurse Expo - Exams!! - I need a break

I went to the Nurse Expo last weekend. It is a open house exibition run by the Royal College of Nursing Australia. All the local hospitals, Universities and Nursing recruiting agencies have stalls where you can pick up loads of information and more importantly freebies like pens, bags etc. It was great to see all the different options out there just waiting for us to graduate. It is so overwhelming at the moment, it seems like we are a few deep breaths away from being RN's, it seems unbelievable - and so long coming.

My final exams are coming up next week. I mean Final exams, there are no exams next semester, just group presentations, a work book and a couple of written assignments. This is it!! It seems almost surreal. I really should start thinking about studying, but in all honesty I know that the study I do on the day of the exam is much more beneificial to me than any study I do this far out.

I spent today indulging in my passion for second hand shopping. I do love to browse around 2nd hand stores looking for treasures and then going to antique shops and seeing what unreal prices everything has on it! My feet are sore but I had a great day by myself, just me and myself and I had a great time, hardly thought about Uni and exams and working at all.

After exams (3) it is a month off for me, than down to the last couple of months. I am nervous, excited, anxious and giddy with anticipation.

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Third Degree Nurse said...

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