Friday, January 06, 2006


I have just found out that my 3rd "published" work has come online. It is a website review that is published in an online medical journal. One of my lecturers at University is an editor of this journal and in 2005 asked me to make a contribution. My conundrum is that I am proud of my achievement and want to share it with my fellow bloggers, if I give in to this (ego initiated desire for recognition) I can no longer call my blog anonymous which may or may not have unforeseen repocussions in the future. What to do??? While I ponder this I will fill you in on why I am proud of this achievement.

It all started when my lecturer approached me to review a book or website on the Journal's topic of interest - given that I authored and published my own student nursing website ( he recommended I start with a website review. When I checked around the Journal's home page I was stunned to find that all the other contributors are amazing academics or experts in their field, I felt both overwhelmed and proud that I had been asked to contribute. So I submitted my work and with his guidance and direction have now had 3 submissions published. One of the submissions was a joint work with my lecturer as he said it would look great on my resume to have worked along side someone on a project. So there you have it.... I guess I will maintain my anonymity and pack my ego away.

Till next time....

"The believer is happy. The doubter is wise."


may said...

wow! that is an accomplishment. thanks for dropping by my blog. i was an RN in queensland a few years back i didn't renew my license when i migrated here. had my re-entry program at griffith university in is brisbane these days?

Katie said...

Congratulations on being published! That is a huge accomplishment! It is tough deciding if you should be anonymous or not- if you ever do decide to share your article with us, please stop by and let me know, because I would love to read it.
I'm glad your son is home, that would have been a scary situation. Is he feeling better now?
P.S. Please do forward my "resolutions" to your professor- you are really lucky that you have a teacher who would enjoy it! I thought about anonymously emailing it to all of my teachers, but chickened out. You can make any changes or additions that you like!

Unimum209 said...

Thanks Katie.

May...Brisbane is great... HOT though at the moment. Which campus of GU did you go to? I go to Logan (which if you were here years ago may sound like a dump but it has really come up in the world, really top lecturers, students and our reputation in the workforce is excellent).

Thanks for the support.