Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where is the 'delete blog' button?

A funny thing happened yesterday. I have been remis in my posting, and thought to myself, whats the point? I pretty much resigned myself to deleting my blog - but I couldn't find the button!! after searching around for a while another thought crossed my mind. What if my blog is an opportunity to reach out to the cyber nurse community - something which I may well cherish when I start work in the big bad world of nursing? So I made a decision. Keep the blog, but think of a new name (not theoretically a nurse anymore - not once the registration arrives) and give it a facelift. So here goes - this is the last post of the theortical nurse, next time the blog will look different and will have a different name too!


Coemgen said...

OH! Let's see the difference then!

Amy said...

Dear ER Nurse Novice,
I am so glad you didn't find the "Delete Blog" button. Your blog is so nice-what a good idea to just give it a facelift. Now you can take all that stuff you've "learnt" and apply it. Good luck!
P.S. Would you be interested in swapping links with me? My blog is called Travel Nurse Lemme know and I will add you to my nurseroll.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have recenctly found your blog and read all the post so far. I wanna be a nurse when i leave school so it has been really interesting to read... please keep writing! I'm sure you're busy with a new job but i'm itching to hear about your "transition to a registered nurse".. :)

Unimum209 said...

Thanks for leaving comments, It is really rewarding when someone takes the time to let you know they are out there!! Sorry it has taken so long to post them, I have changed this blog to the new 'beta' thing and didnt realise I have to moderate comments before they get posted or even emailed to me!