Sunday, February 19, 2006

Freedom to change my mind

I have been doing some thinking lately about whether to remain anonymous on my blog and what the benefits and repocussion of such a decision might be.

As I get into my last year at Uni I intend to use my the Student Nurse website I developed as an important part of my resume, thus it would be remiss of me not to have my name on it. I don't use the blog as a forum to vent about patients, nor do I breach any confidentiality. Given that I would also like the ability to post pictures on my blog I have decided that for me I am no longer going to stress over being anonymous. Having said that I am not about to advertise my personal details for all to see, I am going to be discreet, but not stress over every little link to my name or my work, especially on my website.

Hi, I am Emma and I am a Student Nurse (and proud of it!).


Jo said...

Hi Emma, Nice to meet ya!

I too, worry about HIPPA and being Anon. Obviously I'm lax about it but when I write about patients I never reveal the correct age, gender or hospital.
I've changed my city info to...but that's not too hard to figure out. I only hope I fall within the HIPPA rules.

Post away!

Emma said...

I'm Emma, and I'm a student nurse too! I also graduate this year, but I'm in NSW.

Third Degree Nurse said...

Hi Emma,
good to meet you.

I struggle with this issue, too. I currently have my photo posted and I put a few personal photos up on my blog, but during my next rotation (Med-Surg) I'm going to go anon again.

I'm Denise, by the way.

Margaret Agard said...

Hi Emma,

Nice to meet you. I have been a RN for over 30 years and I love communicating with students and new grads to encourage them as much as I can. Feel free to visit my website at
I hope the clinical situations can help you.I tried to humor them to make it more interesting.
God bless you, Margaret A.