Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wading my way through Uni in Australia....Cont

Ok I just found out what the other two courses I will do next year are... Leadership and Management for Health Professions and Contemporary Nursing. Why do they name courses so that you have no idea what they will entail? Oh how I miss Pathophysiology & Pharmacology, and Anatomy & Physiology.....

From the rumblings around Uni that I have heard the prac next year will include our "choice" which may be Childrens/ED/Theatre/ICU/Maternity and a community setting such as a GP's office or with the mobile Blue Nurses (Nurses that do home visits within the community). I beleive there is even one spot for someone to go on prac with the Royal Flying Doctors Service (Small planes that fly around the outback taking care of emergencies).

We don't have any specialist courses such as womens or childrens. They sound really interesting though, I would love to learn more about the program structure of other countries. We heard a rumour that the American system has gone back to hospital based training is that true?


Jo said...

Very true. You don't have any learning in the hospital there?
We have "clinicals" twice a week for the entire 2 years (4 semesters) in my Associate degree program. We basically work an entire shift pretending to be a nurse workng under either our instructor/professor or a staff nurse. Yes we are learning and yes sometimes it feels like slave labor. 14 hours a week and we are paying them! lol
We also have 4-8 hours of lecture/wk and depending on the course, Lab is usually thrown in. Also what we are allowed to do varies on the hospital (we try to rotate to all of them in our city) and our skill levels. I have only one semester left and the only thing I haven't done in the hospital is transfuse blood products, that's next semster.
But it's good learning I think.
From what I understand most of the 50 states here do it that way.

Jo said...

Click on my name to see a general synapsis of my program on my blog.
(I thought you and others might be interested.)